Friday, April 24, 2020

Let's Make A Village With Moda

One Village Together...  

That is what the Moda Villages quilt will help us build. 

Have you seen the Moda sew-along "One Village, Together"? You create small house
 blocks from your stash and scraps and trade them with all your friends to create
 distinct and unique village quilts.  There are many groups now doing this worldwide 
 on Facebook, through guilds, with local quilt shops and just groups of friends.  I am
 in several of these groups and  it is turning out to be great fun and a much needed 
distraction from the state the world is in. 

So, sheltering at home, we can create these magical little house 'shelters'. 

And I want you to be part of my village!  Send me a block and I'll send you one back.  
But let’s make it bit more interesting.
Get the Village pattern
1.)  Sew a house block per the pattern 
2.)  ADD a 1 1/2" x 7" neutral strip to 
one side of your block with your name, 
city, state/province and country and the
year '2020' written below.
3.)  Mail your block to me by May 30, 
2020 and I will return to you one of mine.

Send your block to:
Sue Michaels
Dragonfly Fiberart Pattern Company
4 Haywick Drive
Stratham, NH 03885
I will collect all of your blocks and make them into quilts which I will then share.  
Swap blocks with your friends and build your own village quilt as well!  
Join one of the many Facebook groups to swap even more blocks with new friends 
around the world.
Hope you will join me!
Sue Michaels

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